Welcome to Zipdecor.com

We're a team of creative and make the fabulous furniture in e-commerce from Canada. We love color pastels, highlight, and simple, its make our design look so awesome.

Zipdecor was originally founded in 2008 with the idea of providing better quality upholstered furniture and home fashion decor at competitive and affordable prices. We recently changed our corporate name to Zipdecor to better reflect our commitment to domestically warehoused product for e-commerce and retail store fulfillment. Originally located in Montreal, Canada, the company relocated production to China. It continues to operate with the same management that has roots in both North America and China. Because of this, the company understands the needs of North American retailers and strives to provide outstanding value, on time shipments and flexibility in design, fabrics, and packaging.

In the fall of 2016, Zipdecor opened its first domestic warehouse in Montreal. With our own production facility in China and warehouse in Montreal, we are committed to fast product delivery and service with better quality and competitive pricing to our end-use customers. We are always exploring new innovative ways to design and produce products that offer the best quality and value. Our new RTA Chair and Stool Construction Method and Removable Cover program (patent pending) is a great way to reduce the shipping costs due to smaller carton sizes this new construction method allows. It also cuts assembly times while offering an extremely strong and rigid assembled unit. Multi cover programs are available—one chair or stool SKU plus a variety of covers equals expanded customer choice while significantly reducing inventory space and cost.

“We make, we sell.” Our factory team provides state of the art production and quality control measures that are the best in the business. Our distribution center and office in Montreal offer direct factory contact within North American time zones—eliminating the 12 hour time zone difference and simplifying communications! It is also our domestic shipping point for all customers across North America and primarily to the Canadian market. Our Midwest US distribution point is scheduled for late 2016.

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